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Non-wovens cloth grinding material used from rust taking to specular finish by all scenes.
Cullently, it takes an active part in all fields in the industrial world such as steel, automotive, electric machines, and semiconductors.
Our equipments are consistent manufacturing process, we can manufacture products that strongly bonds abrasive grains each demands of customers.
corresponds from the felt to products to various demands according to a consistent manufacturing process.

Hand Pads

Industrial-use hand pads such as Travelon sheet consist of nylon non-woven fabrics embedded with abrasives.
The product's open three-dimensional structure eliminates clogging.

Floor Pads

Floor pads are used in various floor maintenance processes.
We provide various types of floor pads for a wide range of applications such as wax polishing, wax removal, and floor cleaning.
We strongly bond abrasive grains to synthetic fibers to ensure highly efficient floor maintenance.

Familiar products

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