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TOKUSEN KOGYO CO., LTD.Global experts in special metal wire.

Tokusen continues to explore and develop unique metal wire processing technologies and to this day, has gained a reputation in this field.

With a global network, including subsidiaries in the USA and China, Tokusen's technical capabilities and stability is evident in its global market share.

In the motor vehicle industry, where focus is on stability and environmental protection standards, Tokusen showcases its technical capability in the area of tire cord (an internal material of car tires) and piston ring wire (manufactured into piston rings for combustion engines).

Our technologies continue to evolve in order to satisfy various requirements and contribute to fields including; automobiles, home appliances, OA equipment, the textile industry, smartphones and many others. These advanced products push Tokusen to achieve the precision and strength requirements in order to support the development and stability of the human race along with the society we live in.

Arima Hot Spring KosenkakuDouble taste of Japanese and European

Arima Hot Spring: One of the three most famous hot springs in Japan

Experience a moment of opulence at Kosenkaku, a Japanese inn boasting its own private hot spring source, a rarity even in the Arima hot spring district.

Enjoy the modern elegance of Hakkakudo or the traditional charm of the rock bath. After relaxing in a hot spring, you can also enjoy a variety of cuisine unique to Kosenkaku, including; traditional Japanese course meals, French cuisine and vegetarian cuisine.

Nearby is "The Lodge", a log cabin with highland chalet crafted from Finland pine, where you can experience an entirely different feel while still in the Arima hot spring area.