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 Over 120 years of tradition creares fresh innovation. The Century for the Next Century,Kanai Juyo Kogyo continued to change and reinvent business operations by keeping up with the times and adopting and breaking into core industries of each new era.

"Integrity, reassurance and reliability" forged from over 120 years of tradition

Hiroaki KanaiHiroaki Kanai
President & Representative DirectorHiroaki Kanai

The purpose of any corporation should not be limited to generating profits.

It is more important to continue to deliver value useful to society as a whole through corporate activities.

Over the years, we have continued to pursue what we feel is important by understanding, "what must be changed" and "invariable value that must be preserved".Our management based on the concept of "fluidity and immutability" we continue to deliver reassurance to society backed by a solid financial foundation.

As a manufacturer we have based our operations to the credo of "the spirit of enterprise and the spirit of our foundation" and have garnered the trust and respect of society through our commitment to sustain technological development backed by the acquisition of numerous patents.

Creative innovation to address the ever-changing needs of society

We are committed to employ our core technologies and create a new sense of reliability, reassurance and innovation by further expanding on our innovation, diversity and globalization, not to increase efficiency in pursuit of creating convenience in our role as corporate citizen, but delivering value by contributing to the realization of a truly affluent society. It is our endeavor not to nurture a corporate culture of "work is everything" in our employees, but to support the workforce in building on competencies which benefit them by gaining experience in a broader range of fields outside of work and pursuing other interests.

Further, in order to keep pace with the changing times, we expect a change in our employees to move away from an attitude of self-reliance (relying on one's own resources and technologies) and to enhance work efficiency, speed and further build on areas of expertise by working together with academia and through involvement with other industries.

A more conservative approach is often seen in corporations with a long history; however, we would like to foster the human ability to challenge the concept of creative destruction born from rejecting the past and adopting the new, and in this sense, we encourage employees to experience the PDCA cycle (Plan–Do–Check–Ask), a process which allows the younger generations to think and act on their own and have the feeling of responsibility which comes with their position.