Introduction of our productsBUSINESS

New Production

We can manufacture various purpose products which control thickness and hardness.
Cullently, we effort in to new products development 「Technology for powder adhesion」「Freedom of shape」「Flexible development system」.
Recently we collaborate between industry, academia and government.

Presicion Polishing Pad

It is a special filler composited pad developed with powder and particle processing technology based on high flatness non-wovens felt.
We succeeded manufacturing high level polishing performance which is made by felt technology, powder adhesion and resin formulation.The base material is non-woven, therefore this has good adaption for polished object and add high polishing performance.

Carbon Fiber

We can sujest carbon fiber as non-wovens for various fields .
This products can help any problems weight saving, inslation, electronics and molding material.

Familiar products

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