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is used as spare parts for spinning and twisting frames in combination with rings in the spinning process of yarn manufacturing and twisting process of manufacturing glass fiber, etc. This is the important parts which affects the quality of yarn and efficiency of manufacturing in the process.

■Final goods : clothing, towel, electronic base
■Product : steel traveller, nylon traveller, metal-insert nylon traveller

As a traveller runs at the speed of 200km/hr on the ring of 40mm diameter, high durability and stability on running are required.

We are particular about the material, and are manufacturing in our own company or in our subsidiary company. In the manufacturing process, special heat treatment is applied, which secures high durability even on high speed running, and applying effective surface treatment realizes high stability on running.

Our ability of manufacturing more than 3,000 kinds of travellers realizes high performance on various kinds of fibers and any condition.

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