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Card clothing

Mainly there is a product which combs fibers and removes foreign matters and short fibers from the fiber materials to make uniform a direction of fibers, and the other one which raises the surface of cloth to finish up the final goods such as fleece.The uses are manifold including the grinding field.

■Final goods :clothing, towel, car seat, synthetic leather
■Product : top flat, woolen card clothing, raising fillet

Card clothing is mounted onto a carding machine for the purpose of combing fibers such as wool and cashmere, and is the most important parts to fix the quality in the process of raising which gives added value to cloth.

As the material is produced in our own works and related companies, abundant variation is boasted, and even for the teeth of less than 0.3mm thickness for a card clothing, various shapes of products are prepared , which makes it possible to adopt the best selection.

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